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Why Sports?

Anirban Banerjee
IT Professional

SPORTS!!! The word signifies multiple meanings much more than it’s commonly used for. To put a case in point when someone is depressed after a setback or failure we cheer them up by saying “Come on be a sport…” On searching for synonyms for Sport its throws many words like Diversion, Game, Amusement, Hobby and Entertainment to name a few.

If we need to understand the relevance of sport in context of current society the answer lies in the meaning itself. A statistics published by some global agencies have rated India as one of the most depressed nations in the world even much below than some of our south Asian neighbours. A more detailed look in to this fact throws multiple hard hitting facts like in our contemporary society the success and social prestige of anyone is equated by the bank balance they have and the professional designation they carry. This rat race to strive and success in the flawed definition of current society eventually leads to peer pressures, heartburns and more often than not depression. As its rightly said “the winner of a rat race is also a rat” which eventually means anyone who manages to reach the top has an arduous responsibility to remain their perpetually which causes further pressure and anxiety eventually a poor happiness index.

Now coming back to the word Sport. Sport signifies a diversion from our mundane routine, a means to entertain and amuse and on top of that a biggest stress reliever. Sport teaches us to give our best without worrying about the outcome as irrespective of the result everyone is a winner in sport. Though a winner in sport eventually end in getting a trophy or a medal however everyone enjoys the process sometimes even more than the outcome because of its engaging nature. Seldom we will get an answer even from a very bright student whether they did enjoy studying for exams whereas if we ask anyone whether you have enjoyed playing we are bound a receive Yes as an answer

We as a country and society have been late in understanding the importance of sport and as its rightly said better late than never the society is gradually recognizing sport as an important building block for an individual. As individuals we should work towards making sports as way of life to have our next generation strive towards brilliance without thinking of the outcome.

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