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Why sports culture is important for today’s society?

Sports is a very important part of our lives.Sports help kids to develop self-control, persistence, and responsibility. Even when we are not physically playing sports, we are constantly involved in sports via watching matches, games and tournaments on TV.

We play many different games in our society. Not just the kids the adults are also participating in different sports. We have an amazing team of people who are constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to keep the fitness going and Making sure that the children are spending some time off gadgets to play sports. Our society has held many different competitions like the box cricket League and the badminton tournament, which now we can say has become like a celebration.

It is very important to have sports as a part of life as we get so many benefits out of it. We not only can keep healthy but also can reduce our screen time by playing sports. Nowadays it’s very important you play sports as it increases our fitness level, we get to challenge ourselves, get discipline and finally it helps us to understand ourselves.

Watching and playing sports provide us ways to escape the stress of our daily lives and come together as a community, as a whole. It is while playing sports that we leant the values of teamwork, sports man sprit , face defeat, feel the joy of victory and much more.

To conclude I will say the we should play sports daily to keep our body fit and fine and also to insure that we take a break from the electronic devices.

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