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Teamo-Sports is a start-up venture designed by three young sports lovers and supported by couple of Mentors.

Disclaimer: we strongly recommend you to take advice from your doctor before starting any of the physical activity.

If you are a Senior Citizen

Start with some physical activity like walk, jogging, Cycling, Yoga by taking you doctor’s advice

If you are in 35-50 year old

Build your program for minimum 30 min with Fast walking, Warmup exercise, Jogging, Cycling, Yoga etc

If you are 20-35 year old

You should engage yourself for minimum 30 - 45min in Jogging, Warm exercise, Cycling, Swimming, Yoga etc. You can also explore the options of team games played on grounds.

If you are 13-20 Age Group

You should surely engage with 45-60 min physical activities which include any team games, outdoor games, and indoor games along with jogging, cycling, swimming, yoga and fitness programs.

If your Kid is below 13 Years

Explore basic sports to understand his/her liking in sports.

To encourage sports dimension in the kids life.

To observe his/her growth with sports and physical activities.