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Harish Naganna

NLP Trainer & Success Coach

Harish Naganna is the International Neuro- Linguistic Programme (NLP) Trainer & Success Coach. The main motive of his life is to pass on the theory and practical knowledge to the masses who have the appetite for ultimate happiness in life.
Harish Naganna has been Enlightening the Intellectuals, Leaders of MNC and Corporate Consultants, as well as Entrepreneur’s on leading their lives, they have long craved on Personal finance and Business Development. He has a Total of 25 Years of Life Transformation Experience.

Teamo will invite Professional, Amateurs players and Subject Matter Experts to interact with users for communicating the importance of sports in life.

  • Teamo is for Promoting Sports culture at micro level (e.g. colonies, societies)
  • Teamo is for Promoting Local tournaments.
  • Teamo is for Supporting Budding Players using Talent hunt programs.