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Anika Nadkarni

Director, UBS

Anika is an Enterprising professional with nearly 15+ years of rich and extensive experience working with Investment Banks and multinational companies on a senior management level.
She is known for her Excellent communication, time management, and people management skills that have been honored through leading multi-skilled teams. Anika is known for her Steering initiatives for women staff, primarily in Diversity and Inclusion and Corporate Sports/fitness.
Apart from her professional commitments, her enthusiasm towards sports has taken her to initiate Women's cricket and Football teams in her organizations to provide a platform for working women to demonstrate their skills and provide motivation to play a competitive game. She is also an active Corporate Cricket player known as an allrounder, whereas she is a goalkeeper in football.

Teamo will invite Professional, Amateurs players and Subject Matter Experts to interact with users for communicating the importance of sports in life.

  • Teamo is for Promoting Sports culture at micro level (e.g. colonies, societies)
  • Teamo is for Promoting Local tournaments.
  • Teamo is for Supporting Budding Players using Talent hunt programs.