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Cycling : Points to remember

Today cycling has become a craze and recreational activity among fitness enthusiasts as well as travellers. From a lowely kiddie thing it has become an expensive sport with bike and accessories costing a few lakhs. But it is as enjoyable on simple single speed bike too.

One can commute on bike to and from work place or keep a bike at office premises for short and fast travel. Every drop of fuel saved is good for oneself and the whole earth.

You can train hard on bike or explore surroundings, everything is enjoyable

There are many Facebook groups for Mumbai cyclists and all riders are friendly lot, they help newbies decide on bike purchases as well as riding techniques.

The main problem for cyclists are other road users to whom a cyclist is almost invisible. Besides there may be falls and crashes.

Utmost care has to be taken while riding in traffic and one should always wear basic safety gear like helmet and gloves.

Long distance cycling will test determination, patience and the will to get something.

The feeling of achievement is too much after a ride more so when you tour. You will never be a common tourist again and see and enjoy world in a different light. Not to mention the meditative effect on mind and body.

There are many events conducted by local clubs, stores as well as cycling association.

One of the favourites of riders is BRM, which tests long distance riding on public roads

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