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Sports Culture
Best Culture...
Sports Culture is Best Culture...
Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.
Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.
Lets Sports
be our way of Life.
Lets Sports be our way of Life.

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What is Teamo?

Let sports be our way of life! A sport is a crucial part of a student's growth and development. It helps in the development of mental health and physical fitness. Through participation in sports and games, a student gains various skills, experiences and confidence that helps him develop his personality.

Teamo is a platform to connect sports enthusiasts of the society to contribute for sports culture development at micro level and collaborate with sports experts to improve the quality of sports environment of the country.

Let Sports be Our Way of Life

A SPORT is a crucial part of our growth and development. It helps in developing Mental and Physical Fitness. We can gain various skills, experiences and confidence that help us to develop our personality by participating in Sports activities. We would like you to contribute in the survey to understand your views on SPORTS CULTURE.

Which is the ONLY activity in country which UNITES all of US under one umbrella?


(SPORTS don’t divide people on caste, creed, religion and status)

Do we have sports culture in country?

✔ "Merely 5.56 per cent of the Indian Population is 'Sports Literate'. To put in numbers, merely about 57 lakh people out of 125 crore people are engaged in sports, directly and indirectly,"

(Sports Research Centre, Institute of Management Technology (IMT) in Ghaziabad)

✔ Sports literacy in America is 20%. In China, about ten million people only take up badminton. If the rest of the games are added then the tally of China will overtake that of the USA,"

✔ The captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli expressed the shock after a pan-India study commissioned by him and sportswear brand PUMA and conducted by market research agency Kantar IMRB revealed that one-third of the total population has not indulged in any physical activity even once in the last 1 year.Cricket is consider as religion in India. Let’s not make one more religion, but make healthy environment for other sports as well. We cannot win medals in Olympics with majority of people following one game (Cricket - 87%, others - 13%).

Let’s not blame the system. We are equally responsible.

Four Principles of SPORTS as Culture -

✔ Connect – People without any discrimination

✔ Contribute – Encourage people for fitness/health and positive lifestyle.

✔ Collaborate – Celebrating Sports events will bring them together.

✔ Cluster – Togetherness will form strong cluster of Faith and Happiness.

Why Sports Culture?

✔ Teaches you Sportsman spirit,

Winning and Losing is part of the Llife,

✔ Never give-up, attitude,

Good health which is need of time,

Positive mind and thinking

✔ Above all collaboration as one team.


✔ By Practising some Sports and/or Physical activities?

✔ By following and supporting some Sports

✔ By encouraging your children to pursue some Sports.

✔ Be the Sports enthusiast and try to drive Sports culture movement in your community/society.

✔ Share your success stories to inspire others

Would you like to JOIN this movement?

✔ Share your name, Gender, Profession, DOB, City, Sports you like? and email

✔ Join as individual, Sports enthusiast, Sports as a carrier

If individual (Amateur) – who plays some sports or do physical activity.

✔ Share your long you are doing it.. benefits you have experience...

Sports Enthusiast (Group leader) – Person who is leading some sports activity in his/her community/area or society or colony.

✔ Share you experience of organising some sports activities in your community /area or society or colony?

Am Sportsmen – Sportsmen perusing sports as a carrier

✔ Share your bio data.

✔ Share your need

    • Financial Support?
    • Other Support?

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